Our Story



Felice Fiorino, after working more than 20 years in the fruits and vegetables business, establishes a tomato cannery in the middle of the Agro – Nocerino – Sarnese, famous valley for the production of “San Marzano” tomatoes. Mr Fiorino Senior, with the help and love of his family, will run a company which is going to consolidate its business in the new and complicated international market.


Salvatore and Anna Fiorino, son and daughter of Mr. Fiorino Senior, start running the company. The two dynamic and decisive young entrepreneurs implement a steady expansion and modernisation of the whole business. Those are the years in which the “Fiorino” tomato is exported in Europe and especially in Switzerland.

Dal 1993 al 2002

The company is undeniably doing a good job in the international market. The use of advanced technologies and equipment enables Felice Conserve srl to offer high quality products sold with success in new markets, such as Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands.

Dal 2003 ad oggi

Felice Conserve srl is a sound enterprise. Thanks to important business partnerships, the company makes a very huge success also outside Europe. Its brands become synonym of quality all over the world.